We can make a difference


Oxeani was created in 2017 by a group of professionals, including Antonio. He has worked as a product designer in the shoe industry in both Portugal and Ireland for more than 30 years.

The real solution to the problems of an ocean in the process of destruction begins with the small changes that you make in yourself.

Oxeani is the path to awareness of the constant threats that exist today in the ecosystem, dedicated to protecting our oceans, and as a consequence, to protecting our future.

Today, each one of us is the protagonist, the one who chooses what action to take in the face of a problem that afflicts everyone equally. We consider that the power of change is subject to different industries as well as to those who choose to opt for an ecological alternative. However, we know that, in order to achieve the objective of environmental sustainability, we must engage in a lucrative manner for the participation of large companies.

All our footwear lines are ecological and sustainable. They are completely designed and produced to reintegrate what was a waste without returning to an ideal: clean the oceans. The oceans are dying, and we are responsible for that.

There is a close link between economic relations and processes of ecological degradation, depletion of natural resources and environmental pollution, therefore, we decided to bet on using recycled materials by our different collaborators to put a brake on companies

I’ve always enjoyed walking on the beach. I’m a father of three grown-up children and my happiest memories I have of them are walks and adventures by the sea. However in recent years I noticed more and more plastic being washed up. It became part of our routine to collect and recycle. But it didn’t seem enough. When I discovered that plastic collected from the beach was not being recycled, ending up on a landfill or being burned, I knew I had to do something.


So that’s how Oxeani came about. With my experience as a shoe designer I found a way, through trail and error, to shred this previously unusable plastic, mix it with natural rubber together with a cork midsole and create an attractive, comfortable sandal for Oxeani.


To reduce our footprint even further Oxeani is an eco- vegan product.

So now when I walk on the beach, It still breaks my heart to see so much plastic, but if we all do a little, maybe there is hope.


Turning products into symbols of change

Oxeani Plastic free Ocean allowed us to put marine plastic pollution in the global spotlight. It’s a catalyst for the Material Revolution and helps fund initiatives of our Ocean Plastic free Ocean Program focused on: direct impact, communication and education, eco-innovation, and research and development.


Oxeani Sandals

Organic, Ecologic, Fair Trade and Vegan.